If you are planning to invest in China, or you want to take your production there or work with a partner in this market, we show you all those fields where we can help you and advise you so your experience in the Asian giant brings significant development to your business.

How can we help you? Business lines

We help you identify reasons to start doing business in China

  • Feasibility study of the project.
  • Methods for your establishment and access to the Chinese market.
  • Business model.
  • Selection of location.
  • Selection of potential local partners where appropriate.
  • Establishing suitable institutional relations: network and local “guanxi” at province and central level.

Once you have made the decision, we help you establishing your company in the Chinese market:

  • Setting up a representation office.
  • Permits and authorizations.
  • Advice on the start-up of the business or factory, as the case may be.

If your company already operates in China, we assess new acquisitions and investments in Chinese market.

  • Study of opportunities.
  • Approach to potential acquisition / investment targets.
  • Local, political and entrepreneurial network building in order to secure the future of the investment.

We help you find the perfect local partner

  • Search for partners and strategic collaborators tailored for each project.
  • We save time and resources as we have a large number of partners in China.
  • Network of business contacts in China in order to form strategic alliances.

Our fields of expertise

We have contributed our expert insight on numerous up-scale projects related to the Environment, Manufacture of electrical components, industrial plants, Infrastructure Concessions and Energy.


Manuel Rodríguez has a strong expertise advising on large engineering projects with high technological content in China, from the initial development of the product, manufacturing or industrialization, accompanying the client throughout the process, providing comprehensive advice.

We have contributed our expert insight on numerous up-scale projects related to aeronautics, automotive industry, industrial plants, construction and architecture.

China will be the most influential country in the infrastructure sector in the coming years. According to the OECD, supporting this development requires an annual investment in infrastructure of 6.3 trillion dollars until 2030 by the Chinese government. Thanks to the accumulated experience after decades of national economic growth, China is in a good position to define how the world will develop in this sector, in what remains of the 21st century.


Our participation in China’s environment sector is widespread. It encompasses everything from general administration (licensing  and environmental authorizations, environmental assessment procedures, sanctioning and environmental liability files, claims to the administration or drafting of regulatory projects), to the highest specialization in particular areas of action such as water and waste treatment, emissions trading and climate change policies, and activities related to the industrial environment.

Likewise, Manuel Rodríguez has a deep understanding of how the different administrations operate. We frequently collaborate and advise them on environmental issues since some of our lawyers have held positions of maximum responsibility within them.

Chinese population and government are increasingly assuming environmental awareness as the only way to continue with sustainable economic development in a productive and industrial context that fits in its environment in a respectful way and at the same time in accordance with the current standards in international markets.


With a strong economic impact, the steel and petrochemical industries are of great importance in the Chinese market. Our specialization and our multidisciplinary vocation allow us to provide a comprehensive specialized advice in the industrial sector, providing value to our clients.

This allows us to have a complete picture of the process and be able to understand exactly the needs and risks of our clients based on their position within that process. We advise in all phases of the process including the bidding of contracts and / or works packages, contractual documentation, novation or modifications that may occur, acceptance of the works and warranty period.


China is the largest importer of crude oil to date. It is also the largest individual investor in renewable energy and has become the most dominant player in several markets, including coal, oil and renewable energy, in addition to electric cars, being the main market in the world.

The energy industry in China establishes strict requirements in terms of production, distribution and storage systems, which implies a highly regulated and complex framework. Both the producing companies and the marketers (and their respective associations), have specific treatment of regulatory compliance. Our knowledge of the international market and the modus operandi of large multinationals, combined with our presence in different Chinese jurisdictions and geographies close to our clients, allows us to provide closer expert advice, adapted to their needs at all times.